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In the president’s mind, the media’s role is not to hold government to account, but simply to support it.

During Trump’s presidential campaign, supporters at his rallies were regularly told that journalists were liars or establishment stooges – in the pocket of big business or other supposed opponents of the Donald. No wonder that media representatives covering those events were frequently harangued or hassled by the Trump faithful. And lest we imagine this is only an American, Trump-inspired phenomenon, let’s not forget that the BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, was given a bodyguard during last year’s Labour Party conference after receiving a welter of abuse from some of Jeremy Corbyn’s more ardent supporters. Corbyn himself condemned the harassment – but only belatedly and after being urged to do so by many of his colleagues. He had previously claimed the BBC was “obsessed” with trying to discredit him.

Mugabe says he is still waiting for his $467‚000 pension

“The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has noted with concern the violation of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13] by one of the candidates contesting in the 2018 Harmonised Elections. Clause 7 (1)(b) of the Code of Conduct for political parties and candidates and other stakeholders provides as follows: (1) No political party or candidate may‚ from midnight 24 hours before polling day in any election or referendum until polling stations are closed on that day publish‚ or cause or permit the publication‚ of any advertisement or statement promoting or opposing a particular party or candidate‚” said Silaigwana.