Poll: 3 in 4 Brits think UK government doing ‘bad job’ on Brexit

More than half of respondents think Brexit will hurt UK economy, survey finds.

Seventy-five percent of Brits think Brexit negotiations are in a messy

More than three-quarters of Brits think the U.K. government is making a mess of Brexit negotiations, according to a poll published by Sky News on Monday.

The Sky Data poll — which surveyed a representative sample of 1,466 people — found that 78 percent of respondents think the government is “doing a bad job negotiating Brexit,” up 23 percentage points since March. Only 10 percent said they thought it was doing a “good” job, down 13 percentage points over the same time period.

The poll also found that 50 percent of respondents say they would support a second referendum that would allow the public to choose between leaving the EU on a deal negotiated by the government, leaving without a deal, or staying in the bloc. Some 40 percent said they were opposed to a second referendum.

Calls for a second referendum have intensified amid the political fallout following Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposals for a softer Brexit. The Sky Data poll shows “British public opinion has shifted sharply against Brexit” and is united against May’s “car-crash” Brexit strategy, Phil Wilson, a Labour MP leading the People’s Vote campaign, claimed in a statement.junker trump meeting

The poll also found that 74 percent are dissatisfied with May’s leadership — a rise of 14 percentage points since March — with only 24 percent saying they were satisfied with the prime minister’s performance.

Close to two-thirds of respondents — 65 percent, including 51 percent of Leave voters — said they believe the U.K. government’s negotiations with Brussels will end with a “bad deal for Britain,” and a majority — 52 percent — said they believed Brexit would be “actively bad for the economy.”

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