President Mnangagwa gloats on failure as he brags “we are everything” in Zimbabwe

Mnangagwa declares ZanuPF superior to Zimbabweans//Crimson Tazvinzwa

President Mnangagwa in a 30 second rant that has gone viral and has been widely interpreted to mean only his ZanuPF party is Independent while the rest of Zimbabweans are not, has sparked outrage among netizens.

The video appears not to be recent but that has not stopped a barrage of emotion and disdain for the Zimbabwean leader by his fellow countrymen.
mnangagwa scarf
“We must be respected. We are the majority, we are the people, we are the Government, we are the army, we are the air force, we are the police we are everything you can think of, we determine who can do mining in Zimbabwe, we determine who can construct a railway line in Zimbabwe, we determine who can build a road in Zimbabwe, no other party can do so,” thunders Mnangagwa to wild applause.
More than 300 responses were recorded to the viral tweet by Advocate Fadzayi Mahere within the first hour and it is still trending.

“Zimbabwe must #UniteAgainstZanuPFRegime #SOSZimbabwe Zimbabwe is not independent, only #ZanuPF is.  #Take2Zimbabwe unite unite unite to #FreeZimbabwe from state capture,” tweeted @Freedom Fighter Activist.
“that’s a very old clip, cant you see Fadzie.. twimbos are just finding ways of discrediting President Mnangagwa.. #EDismyPresident.” responded @sbueNdlamin.

“It explains why we are where we are. Zanu-pf has no capacity to extricate us out of the current economic mess. With leaders who hold these corrupt beliefs we’re doomed. This is the mindset that puts aside merit and rewards connections with critical gvt posts and projects. 😡😡,” wrote @upenyu18.

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