PRESIDENT Trump Press Conference’s Take on The FBI Investigation; Kavanaugh: “It’s Unfair What’s Happening to Him[Judge Brett Kavanaugh] at This Time” – “I don’t think he did!”

On Kavanaugh and The FBI investigation President Trump had a whole lot to say and thinks what is happening to his Supreme Court Judge Nominee “It’s Unfair”

CRIMSON TAZVINZWA|AIWA! NO!|Trump was asked if he would pull the nomination based on Kavanaugh’s misleading the Senate about his drinking in high school and responded, “I don’t think he did!” He then went into a riff about his own history as the world’s most powerful teetotaler.

“I’m just saying, I’m not a drinker,” Trump said. He continued, “I can honestly say I never had a beer in my life, okay? It’s one of my only good traits. I don’t drink.” This brought some laughter, even from a few of the reporters.

“I’ve never had alcohol, you know, for whatever reason. Can you imagine if I had what a mess I’d be? I’d be the world’s worst,” Trump said, again getting some chuckles.

Trump then turned serious saying, “I watched that hearing and I watched a man saying he did have difficulty as a young man with drink.” But he added that no one had suggested drinking was a problem for Kavanaugh in the “last 20 years.”

Elsewhere in the same Q & A, Trump also suggested there was some hypocrisy coming from Democratic Senators who were questioning Kavanaugh’s fitness while having some serious problems of their own.

“I happen to know some United States Senators,” Trump said. He added, “One who is on the other side who is pretty aggressive, I’ve seen that person in very bad situations…very compromising.”

A bit later Trump continued with this theme. “I mean, there are bad reports on everybody in here. Most of the people sitting down there are bad reports, except for Mike Pence,” Trump added quickly. “And if we find one on him then that’ll be the greatest shock of all time,” Trump said.

Trump then called out a few Democrats by name. On Sen. Blumenthal, Trump said, “For 15 years he said he was a war hero…He never went to Vietnam.” “Here’s a guy [who] lied and now he’s up there talking like he’s holier than thou,” Trump said.

“Take a look at Cory Booker. He ran Newark, New Jersey into the ground…And he made statements that when he was in high school or college—what he was doing,” Trump said, referring to an admission Booker made in the Stanford paper about groping a woman.

“I could go through a whole list of them,” Trump said. But in the end, he came back to humor. Several minutes later another reporter asked Trump to name the Senator he’d witnessed in a compromising situation. “No, no, I think I’ll save it for a book like everybody else,” Trump said to laughter.

Here’s the portion of the Q&A with Trump’s statement about his one good trait. If you want the full presser it’s here.

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