President Trump’s Very Bad Week Takes It’s Toll

AIWA! NO! Then press//On Friday’s episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher could barely contain his delight as he ticked through the list of former allies of Donald Trump who were reported to be cooperating with federal prosecutors investigating Donald Trump, and picked apart this week’s conviction of Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort on eight charges and the guilty plea of Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen.“It finally confirmed what a lot of us have been thinking for a long time: I’m not crazy, the president actually is a treasonous crook,” Maher joked. “You’ve heard of Black Friday? This week we had Orange Tuesday. They are rolling up the members of the Trump crime family” He then exclaimed: “This isn’t even the main course — which is Russia— this was just the Stormy Daniels appetizer!”2018-08-22 (1)

Associated Press: “On one of the worst days of his presidency, Donald Trump was chatting aboard Air Force One when the conversation took a detour into gallows humor.

Trump was returning from a rally in West Virginia just hours after two former members of his inner circle were found or pleaded guilty, when one passenger quipped that a news story would surely soon be breaking about the president fuming onboard.

Everyone laughed, including the president. Despite the momentary levity, though, Trump is increasingly frustrated and isolated as the investigations that have long dogged his White House plunge into the personal territory he once declared off-limits.”

“Within the West Wing, aides have grown increasingly numb to the drumbeat of bad news, though the revelation of Cohen’s plea and the immunity deals took some by surprise.”

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