Prince Harry accepts Diana legacy on Angolan landmines


The Duke of Sussex has visited Angola and walked through a landmine field as she famously did in 1997///CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

Prince Harry walked through a minefield in Angola this morning, following in the footsteps of his mother Princess Diana.

The Duke of Sussex, 35, wore body armour and a protective visor as he walked through the partially cleared minefield in Dirico to highlight the ongoing threat of land mines in the region.

It comes 22 years after the late Princess of Wales hit headlines globally following a minefield walk in the same country in January 1997.

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harry diana
Prince Harry walks across a minefield, left, in Angola, 22 years after his late mother Princess Diana did so in 1997. [Photo: PA]

The Duke joined British charity The HALO Trust for the morning – the same charity that his mother accompanied during her iconic minefield visit over two decades ago.

The south-eastern town of Dirico is a former artillery base for anti-government forces who left mines in the position in 2000 before retreating.

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