Rex Tillerson: “American democracy as we know it is entering its twilight years”.

“I have no doubt that in the new global game, Europe will either be one of the major players, or a pawn. This is the only real alternative. In order to be the subject and not the object of global politics, Europe must be united economically, politically and also militarily like never before. To put it simply: either we are together, or we will not be at all.

 Donald Tusk, Photograph: Virginia Mayo/AP

“But, frankly speaking, Europe should be grateful by President Trump, because thanks to him we have got rid of old illusions. He has made us realise that if you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm  … ,” Donald Tusk

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has warned of “a growing crisis of ethics and integrity” in the US, in an apparent rebuke of President Donald Trump.

While Mr Tillerson did not mention Mr Trump by name in his first public remarks since leaving his administration, he told graduates at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington: “If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom”.

He also warned that if Americans fail to address the ethics crisis now, it could mean “American democracy as we know it is entering its twilight years”.

The former Exxon executive was critical of leaders who encouraged a society “based on wishful thinking … [and] hoped-for outcomes made in shallow promises”.

One other line stuck out for Washington insiders as a thinly-veiled critique of Mr Trump: “We do not have to look far to find examples of the cost to individuals and to society when integrity is sacrificed for immediate gain or personal achievement,” the former top diplomat said.

While cautioning the graduates about the US alienating its longtime allies, he also noted that globalisation and trade – issues Mr Trump has railed against as part of his ‘America First’ foreign policy – are not inherently bad for the future of the American workforce.

He acknowledged that trade has “led to anxiety and fear” jobs leaving the country but said that “every nation has the right to aspire to a better quality of life, and that free trade and economic growth are the means by which economic opportunity is created for all people”.

Mr Trump has used the word “unfair” to describe nearly every multilateral or bilateral deal the US is party to, particularly the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) with Canada and Mexico.

Mr Tillerson also said that the “damage” done by a lack of “public trust” in certain institutions and individuals at the top “strikes at the very heart of a free society”.

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  1. Actually, American institutions have been under attack and have been subverted for decades now. The truth, that is so taboo to speak openly about, is that the Jewish interests largely control America – both its foreign policy and much of its domestic agenda. (If anyone doubts this, listen carefully to those in power in Israel. From time to time, they boast openly of controlling America.)

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