Sarah Huckabee Sanders visits the Red Hen, and Lexington, Virginia, reels in the aftermath


All hell broke out on the otherwise sleepy downtown area of Lexington, Virginia, on Tuesday, thanks to the firestorm surrounding the owner of the Red Hen restaurant turning away Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family on Saturday night. The restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday, so Tuesday dinner service was the first time the restaurant would have normally been open since the controversy broke.

Do you want to know what all that pearl clutching over “civility” by the pusillanimous punditocracy has been about for the last few days? For a change, a white woman and her family were refused service at a restaurant. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who had spent most of the previous week lying her way through a pathetic defense of Trump’s inhumane border policy, and the entirety of her career as Trump’s press secretary lying every day before that, was politely asked to leave the Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, Virginia by the manager. The drinks and cheese plate Sanders and her party had already ordered were comped.

This article was originally published at Salon

Because Trump’s press secretary was kicked out of a restaurant by the staff, who refused to countenance the anti-gay agenda she and her boss support (among other things), now everyone is being told that they have to maintain “civility” when dealing with these loyal servants of Trump’s authoritarian rule in the White House.

Hey, you nasty people in the resistance! Listen up! No more shouting “shame” at Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen at upscale Washington D.C. Mexican restaurants! It’s way out of bounds to call out, “end Texas concentration camps” to the Trump official who is enforcing them.

And whatever you do, leave the poor architect of Trump’s “zero tolerance” border policy alone. Forget the fact that White House aide Stephen Miller has told friends he enjoys seeing photographs of crying kids on the border. Miller is no longer to be called “a real-life fascist begging money for new cages” as he was last weekend at yet another upscale Mexican eatery in Washington, even if that’s exactly what he has been advocating.

Shaming the Trumpsters and the rest of the Republican obsequious oligarchy, like Mitch McConnell and his soul-mate Elaine Chao, well, it’s just not good “strategy.” As a political tactic, making life miserable for these hypocritical hellhounds to punish them for their shameful policies and politics is a loser. Trump can bang-on about beating the shit out of protesters at his rallies, white supremacist rock stars like Milos Yiannopoulos can call for vigilante squads to gun down journalists, but we’re supposed to maintain proper “civility.”

What planet are we on, people? How short is our memory? Has everyone forgotten that in April of this year, two black customers at a Starbucks in Philadelphia were arrested and escorted from the premises for the crime of sitting down and waiting for a friend to arrive before ordering? They were handcuffed and led out of the Starbucks by at least six armed police officers wearing body armor.

Shunned? Shamed? Treated uncivilly? Those guys were arrested!

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