South African President Ramaphosa’s ANC retains power amid apathy, waning support

The African National Congress(ANC) was headed toward victory in South Africa’s election on Friday, though the party was on course for its worst performance since it swept to power a quarter of a century ago.

South Africans voting in Wednesday’s election for a new parliament and nine provincial legislatures expressed frustration at rampant corruption, high unemployment and racial inequalities that persist 25 years after the first all-races poll marked the end of white minority rule.


Land: The people speak – We are all Africans, Rustenburg residents say

Members of the Rustenburg community and those in surrounding areas have had their turn to share their views on the highly-emotive land issue, and most of them support an amendment to the Constitution to allow expropriation without compensation.

Only a handful were against the move.

Stories about life in the villages, on the farms and under traditional leaders in the platinum-rich province formed the basis of the opinions shared by residents, who spoke for three minutes each.

“Who will protect you next time?” Cheryl Phillips asked in a packed Rustenburg Civic Centre.