This unconstitutional power grab gives Trump vast new powers to undermine our democracy and supercharge his white supremacy. He'll be more able than ever to escalate attacks on immigrants, communities of color, Muslims and Black and Brown people.

Bernie Sanders to seek U.S. presidency again in 2020

US Senator Bernie Sanders says he will run again for president in 2020, making a second attempt to win the Democratic Party’s nomination.

The 77-year-old Vermont senator became a progressive political star in 2016 although he lost his candidacy bid.

In an email to supporters, he said it was time to complete the “political revolution” they had started.

An outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, Mr Sanders has described him as a “pathological liar” and “racist”.

Mr Sanders – an independent who caucuses with the Democrats – is one of the best-known names to join a crowded and diverse field of Democratic candidates, and early polls suggest he is far ahead.


Matt Damon Plays Role of ‘the Belligerent Brett Kavanaugh’ on SNL Season Premiere Opener

CRIMSON TAZVINZWA//Matt Damon Plays the role of ‘a Belligerent Brett Kavanaugh’ on Saturday Night Live Season Premiere Opener.

Masculinity, virility and male anger issues were the primary target for ridicule in this week’s Saturday Night Live cold open, as the show unsparingly mocked Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Thursday testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.