What are economists saying about unsettling global currency markets and the prospects for economic slow down?

Both the market exuberance and trepidation can be traced back to the Federal Reserve’s flip-flop on whether to raise interest rates. Analysts say the Fed’s U-turn shows that the world’s top economic minds see danger.

Global growth is slowing to a halt in much of Europe and Japan; and Canada, Australia and New Zealand may be headed into a recession this year. Central banks and international aid institutions like the IMF are issuing warnings and writing down growth expectations around the globe.

BREXIT – Pub operator JD Wetherspoon: ‘What don’t you like about free trade, Mrs May?’

JD Wetherspoon has launched a poster campaign in its pubs (Monday October 15) calling on the Prime Minister to get rid of tariffs post-Brexit.

The poster is headlined ‘What don’t you like about free trade, Mrs May?’ and states that free trade means getting rid of tarriffs. Click here to download a copy.

U.K. Parliament Seizes Facebook Documents As Part Of Ongoing Inquiry

The seizure of the documents comes after Mark Zuckerberg declined to appear in London on Tuesday before officials investigating disinformation and election interference.

|Saphora Smith and Olivia Solon, CNBC NEWS|AIWA! NO!|LONDON — British lawmakers have obtained documents that could be “highly relevant” to an inquiry that has been looking into Facebook’s response to disinformation, a spokesperson told NBC News on Sunday.

The documents reportedly contain revelations Facebook has been fighting to keep out of the public domain relating to the company’s data and privacy policies that led to the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, The Observer newspaper in London reported Saturday.

UNITED KINGDOM Extends e-Passport Gates To Key Countries, Signalling Post-Brexit Business Favourites

|Lucy Ingham, VERDICT|AIWA! NO!|In today’s budget announcement, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced that the ePassport gates at Heathrow airport will extended to allow use by visitors from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
The ePassport gates, which are currently installed at Heathrow airport, allow passengers to get through security quickly without needing to interact with a human border agent. They rely on facial recognition, which is checked against the passenger’s scanned passport.