Short yet intimate, the note left in the Oval Office from vanquished to victor seeded a friendship that flowered in the decades since, to a point where Bill Clinton said upon Bush's death Friday: "I just loved him."

George H.W. Bush’s Gracious 1993 Letter to Incoming President Bill Clinton Goes Viral

Hillary Clinton says the letter made her cry, when she first read it back then and again when she heard Bush was gone. “That’s the America we love,” she said on Instagram. “That is what we cherish and expect.”

The president doubles down on his support for the Saudi crown prince without citing further evidence.

AMERICA’s Lost FOND MEMORIES! Yes Memories That Are Endangered If New Trump Ideologue-America First” Keeps Course

AMERICA’s FOND MEMORIES! Yes Memories That Are In Peril If New Political Philosophy ” Trump Ideologue-America First” Remains Course