Conservatives and Labour tie in third place in another devastating poll for two main parties

The Conservative and Labour Parties are again trailing behind in the latest survey of voter intentions/Joe Gamp,Contributor, Yahoo News UK, Yahoo News UK


EU election UK results: Brexit Party wins nine of 11 regions, Lib Dems triumph in London

Nigel Farage has said his Brexit Party is already focusing on fighting a general election after the Conservatives and Labour saw dramatic losses in the European elections.

The Londoner: Donkeys make an ass out of Farage

Guerrilla anti-Brexit outfit Led by Donkeys has restarted its viral poster campaign, which shames politicians by sharing their past statements on giant billboards.

This time, Led by Donkeys has Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party firmly in the crosshairs over the party’s “failure to publish a manifesto”. The group is plastering quotations from Farage and his fellow candidates across the land. This, the group claims, can stand in for a policy platform, alongside a spoof website the group has also created.

“Until they publish a manifesto we have to assume the party’s policies are the policies, beliefs and statements made by the leaders of the party,” Led by Donkeys told The Londoner.

Brexit Party beats Tories in general election poll and would win 49 seats in Commons

The Brexit Party has overtaken the Conservatives in national polling for the first time, with Nigel Farage predicted to win 49 seats in a general election, a bombshell poll reveals.

A ComRes survey found that if a general election campaign led by Theresa May took place now, it would put the Tories on course for their worst result in history – apparently confirming the fears of Conservative MPs and activists in uproar over the Prime Minister’s handling of Brexit.

Labour would become the largest party by a margin of 137 seats, allowing Jeremy Corbyn to lead a minority government as the Tories fell to third place in terms of vote share.

Brandon Lewis, the party chairman, Penny Mordaunt, the Defence…

Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe to stand for the Brexit Party as an MEP candidate in the European elections

Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe has announced she will be standing as an MEP in the upcoming European elections for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

Ms Widdecombe, 71, who retired in 2010, said she will still vote Conservative in the local elections but run as an MEP for the newly-formed Brexit Party in the next European elections.