Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) as-it-happened, David Lidington and Emily Thornberry clash


David Lidington and Emily Thornberry.

Prime Minister’s Questions – 24 April 2019; PoliticsHome

Theresa May’s de facto deputy David Lidington filled in for the Prime Minister at the weekly Commons clash – while Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry stood in for Jeremy Corbyn. See how it all unfolded and grab the FULL quotes here.

That was a pretty sombre PMQs, marked by the death of Lyra McKee in Northern Ireland and the Easter weekend attacks in Sri Lanka.

Lyra McKee funeral: Theresa May greets journalist’s family in a poignant moment – Mirror

The Prime Minister spoke with relatives and the funeral today

Emily Thornberry and David Lidington both condemned the killings, although Thornberry said the unrest in Derry made a fresh case for the Government to solve the Northern Ireland Brexit border problem.

There was some low-level back-and-forth about Brexit talks, with both sides condemning the other for not giving ground in the attempt to find a deal.

A few Conservative MPs warned about the ongoing Brexit delay – while Lidington faced a grilling from both sides of the House on climate change, acknowledging the UK had “more to do” to tackle the problem. And that’s your lot.