BRITAIN; ‘Vassal state’… ‘a betrayal’… Brexiteers react to May’s deal

AIWA! NO!|A deal has been reached by negotiators in Brussels and go before a crunch Cabinet meeting tomorrow.But the hardline Leavers in May's party have already pounced on her before it has even been published, urging Cabinet members to reject it.

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson said he would vote against the deal, claiming it was "vassal state stuff" and urged the Cabinet to "chuck it out".

He said he expected the deal to be "pretty much" what had been agreed a few week ago "we are going to stay in the customs union on this deal, we are going to stay effectively in large parts of the single market and that means it's vassal state stuff".

MICHAEL WHITE: Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson are the twin embarrassments of the week

The ‘Europe of Necessity’ is a good phrase, it’s been knocking around among EU elites for some time. For Emmanuel Macron and the likes of that dogged Belgian federalist, Guy Verhofstadt, the answer is always ‘more Europe’. The Belgian said this week that Brexit will prove such a cautionary tale that it will cure euroscepticism across the remaining 27.

Labour take poll lead as public trust in Theresa May over Brexit ‘collapses’

In a major boost for Jeremy Corbyn, the ICM survey for the Guardian puts Labour on 41%, up two points from a fortnight ago.

The Tories slipped one point to 40%, with the Lib Dems on 8%, Ukip on 5% and the Greens on 3%.

Blow for Theresa May as public believe Boris Johnson would do better job of Brexit - new poll
Labour takes commanding poll leads as Tory vote slumps amid Brexit chaos
Labour snatch two-point poll lead as Brexit chaos engulfs Tories
Meanwhile the Prime Minister’s lead over the Labour leader on who is best suited to reach a good Brexit deal has dropped to just eight points, having sat at 16 points in January and a massive 34 points before last year's general election.

Is the Conservative Party still the second biggest political party in the UK? May be not.

SNP members walked out of the House of Commons during Prime Ministers Questions (PMQs) on 13 June. In the following 24 hours, over 5,000 people joined the party.

According to the latest figures released by the SNP, at least 7,526 people have joined the party since the walkout. In April 2018, Conservative Party membership was reported at just 124,000, while SNP membership sat at 118,200. The influx of members takes the SNP’s estimated total to around 125,700.