Brexit Party drops 316 candidates, will not fight seats won by Tories in 2017 – ‘letting people down’ as well as the potential candidates

Nigel Farage has abandoned plans for the Brexit Party to contest more than 600 candidates in the General Election. Speaking to supporters in Hartlepool he said the party would not stand in the 317 seats won by the Conservatives in the last election in 2017.


DAVID DAVIS: I don’t want to be the Prime Minister… now I’ll vote for Dominic Raab

David Davis bows out of Tory leadership contest as he says he will back Dominic Raab to replace Theresa May

DAVID DAVIS||The local elections expose the problems the Conservative Party faces but there are no easy answers or simple solutions.

We face two stark challenges. Firstly, the Conservatives must deliver on Brexit as a matter of democratic necessity. We must respect our manifesto promises, alongside the votes of 17.4million people who voted Leave.