PRESIDENT Trump signs bill to compensate government workers for wages lost during shutdown

The White House says President Donald Trump has signed a bill that will require some 800,000 federal employees to be compensated for wages lost or work performed during the partial government shutdown. Wednesday’s bill signing was closed to the media. The House and Senate had voted to give the workers back pay whenever the federal government reopens.

PRESIDENT DONALD Trump impeachment scenarios; five of them

The impeachment talk isn't going anywhere in 2019, folks. Tom Steyer, the billionaire Democratic mega-donor, has decided not to run for president because he thinks pursuing Donald Trump's impeachment is a better use of his vast fortune. There is a strong appetite for impeachment among the liberal grassroots as well. But impeaching a president, to say nothing of removing him from office, is complicated and, I think, ultimately unlikely in Trump's case, not least because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has insisted it's not worth pursuing. Here, in reverse order of likelihood, are five possible impeachment-related scenarios that could play out between now and 2020.


Last week, from the presidential mind that brought you telling kids Santa isn’t real on Christmas Eve and tweeting “I am all alone (poor me)” the same day an eight-year-old migrant boy died in U.S. custodyDonald Trump decided the best thing he could do for the country was shut down the federal government over his useless border wall.

The news roiled an already freaked-out market, and investors weren’t the only ones unhappy about the turn of events.

Trump, too, was clearly cranky about the fact that the shutdown was eating into his previously planned 16-day vacation at Mar-a-Lago, rage tweeting about everything from the wall to the Federal Reserve to Jim Mattis in between exposing the location and identities of Navy SEAL Team 5 and demanding Democrats end the shutdown he once said—just about two weeks ago—that he wouldn’t blame them for. On Thursday, though, he seemed to have found a silver lining to keeping the federal government partially closed: