Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen as he headed for prison for 3-year sentence in April: ‘There’s still much to be told’

President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen headed to prison April to begin serving a three-year sentence, taking yet another shot at his ex-boss. … Trump has denied having sex with either Daniels or McDougal and has also called Cohen a liar.


The Donald J. Trump Foundation: A Self-Dealing Charity for One — The Lone Girl in a Crowd

When it comes to rich people, there is a lot I have to criticize on how they perpetuate economic inequality through their vast sums of money and power while leaving the poorer masses with little leverage to assert themselves. But when it comes to their philanthropic foundations, I think that they at least put their […]
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REUTERS Image caption A statue of the Virgin Mary, broken in St Anthony's Shrine

Sri Lanka explosions: British citizens caught in blasts

British citizens have been caught in explosions at hotels and churches in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

Police say 207 people have been killed and at least 450 injured in the blasts.

The UK’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, James Dauris, said: “We understand that some British citizens were caught in the blasts but we are unable to say how many people are, or might have been, affected.”

Officials in Sri Lanka say there have been at least nine foreign casualties.

They were from the UK, the USA, Netherlands and Portugal.

Trump will try to replace democracy with ‘a regime in a permanent state of emergency’: Yale historian Timothy Snyder

he U.S. government has now been partially shut down for three weeks, the longest such closure in our nation’s history. What began as an act of brinksmanship and political hostage-taking by Donald Trump in an effort to extort billions of dollars for his wall along the Mexican border has spiraled out of control.

Trump and the Republican Party’s gambit has left almost a million federal employees without pay, created a situation where some federal employees may even be made homeless, imperiled public safety — including the country’s food supply — and in total betrayed the common good and the president’s oath to protect the well-being of the country. When asked about the harm his shutdown of the federal government is doing to the American people Trump reportedly told Democratic Party leaders, “Then you won’t give me what I want.”

Hurricane Florence, ‘storm of a lifetime,’ generating 83-foot high waves as it barrels towards Carolina coast

Lucia I. Suarez Sang | Fox News//Hurricane Florence’s potentially devastating winds are generating enormous waves as high as 83 feet as it continues to make its way toward the East Coast and insurers predict it will become the costliest such storm to ever hit the continental U.S.