John Bolton is written out of Trump’s TV presidency

TV helped get John Bolton hired as Donald Trump’s national security adviser. Trump reportedly liked watching Bolton on Fox News, where he was a contributor; when Bolton was appointed, in March last year, he was the third TV personality in eight days to formally enter the president’s team. It’s fitting, then, that TV helped get Bolton “fired,” too. (Bolton says he wasn’t fired; more on that shortly.) A TV star, Tucker Carlson, contributed to Trump’s recent turn against Bolton; Carlson privately advised Trump to ditch him, having also slammed him on air. And Trump reportedly grew tired of Bolton’s failure to parrot his foreign-policy line. Advisers convinced the president that Bolton was a leaker (Bolton denies this) adept at spinning his own perspective into the press; in recent days, for example, Trump was unhappy that his decision to nix a deal with the Taliban was portrayed by the media as a victory for Bolton. According to CNN, Bolton even started refusing TV hits where he would have to defend controversial Trump stances, such as readmitting Russia to the G7. His departure seemed inevitable; yesterday it was confirmed. James Poniewozik, who just wrote a book about Trump’s relationship with TV, tweeted that officials such as Bolton “live by the tube, die by (the reluctance to go on) the tube.”


Trump’s Dorian Hitting Alabama Claim Disputed By Local Weather Agency: “Alabama will NOT see any impacts from #Dorian. We repeat, no impacts from Hurricane #Dorian will be felt across Alabama. The system will remain too far east.”

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal agency has reversed course on the question of whether President Donald Trump tweeted stale informationabout Hurricane Dorian potentially hitting Alabama, upsetting meteorologists around the country///AIWA! NO!//

Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen as he headed for prison for 3-year sentence in April: ‘There’s still much to be told’

President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen headed to prison April to begin serving a three-year sentence, taking yet another shot at his ex-boss. … Trump has denied having sex with either Daniels or McDougal and has also called Cohen a liar.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation: A Self-Dealing Charity for One — The Lone Girl in a Crowd

When it comes to rich people, there is a lot I have to criticize on how they perpetuate economic inequality through their vast sums of money and power while leaving the poorer masses with little leverage to assert themselves. But when it comes to their philanthropic foundations, I think that they at least put their […]
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REUTERS Image caption A statue of the Virgin Mary, broken in St Anthony's Shrine

Sri Lanka explosions: British citizens caught in blasts

British citizens have been caught in explosions at hotels and churches in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

Police say 207 people have been killed and at least 450 injured in the blasts.

The UK’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, James Dauris, said: “We understand that some British citizens were caught in the blasts but we are unable to say how many people are, or might have been, affected.”

Officials in Sri Lanka say there have been at least nine foreign casualties.

They were from the UK, the USA, Netherlands and Portugal.