UK pulls Brexit ferry contract from firm with no ships

The island nation’s breakup with the European Union took an odd turn in December when it handed the unheralded Seaborne Freight company the £13.8-million ($17.9 million, 15.6-million-euro) deal.

It was meant to make sure that cross-Channel trade with its closest trading partners did not grind to a halt if Britain ended up leaving on March 29 without new arrangements in place.

Fears of the dreaded “no-deal Brexit” are rising as the clock nears the hour when the United Kingdom ends its 46 years involvement in the European project.


European Commission triggers action plan for no-deal Brexit

The commission urged EU27 states to take a “generous” approach to the rights of UK citizens in the EU following a no-deal Brexit, “provided that this approach is reciprocated by the UK”.

EU27 states should ensure UK citizens legally residing in the EU on the date of withdrawal will continue to be considered legal residents and should take a “pragmatic” approach to granting temporary residence status, it said.

UK nationals should be exempted from visa requirements, provided that all EU citizens are equally exempt from UK visas.

‘No deal’ Brexit: UK offers advice on no-deal Brexit as New leak reveals 84 areas of UK life that will be hit

LONDON – bY CRIMSON TAZVINZWA//Theresa May’s government publishes notices advising people and companies how to cushion themselves against potential disruption in the event there is no-deal exit from European Union.

Nearly 100 notices will be published over the coming weeks; already 20 have been released so far but curiosity still remains about the level of detail the business community can expect. Brexit minister Dominic Raab describes the notes as containing “sensible, measured and proportionate” guidance.

Critics predict they will amount to nothing more than “duck and cover” advice that will be wholly inadequate for the massive economic fallout they expect.