The EU could reject Parliament's decision to renegotiate a brand new deal.

Brexit referendum, a rerun of the 2016 referendum would be ‘perfectly credible’ – Philip Hammond

CRIMSON TAZVINZWA||The Chancellor claimed a rerun of the 2016 referendum would be ‘perfectly credible’

“It’s a proposition that could and, on all the evidence, is very likely to be put to parliament at some stage,” Hammond said.

Philip Hammond said he hoped parliament would break the Brexit impasse by passing a deal by the end of June, potentially ending the calls for a new referendum, and there was a “good chance” of a breakthrough in talks with the opposition Labour Party.

“I remain optimistic that over the next couple of months we will get a deal done,” he told reporters in Washington where he is attending meetings at the International Monetary Fund.

But a second referendum could not be ruled out.

|AIWA! NO!|After serving at the unsteady right hand of President Donald Trump for the past one-and-a-half years, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is leaving around the end of year, the president announced Saturday, concluding a tumultuous tenure as the administration’s “alpha dog” after the results of a midterm election put the president’s legislative agenda—and, potentially, his administration—in jeopardy.

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