BREXIT CRISIS: May to give statement shortly after 2200 GMT

British Prime Minister Theresa May will give a statement from Downing Street shortly after 2200 GMT, her office said on Wednesday, after she survived a parliamentary no confidence vote. May has proposed immediate talks with other party leaders in an attempt to break the deadlock on a Brexit divorce agreement after her plan was heavily defeated by MPs on Tuesday.

3,500 BRITISH troops will be ‘at readiness’ in the event of a no deal Brexit

Speaking in the Commons, he said: "We've as yet not had any formal request from any Government department but what we are doing is putting contingency plans in place, and what we will do is have 3,500 service personnel held at readiness - including regulars and reserves - in order to support any Government department on any contingencies they may need."

Mr Williamson was replying to Tory MP Will Quince (Colchester), who asked him to confirm if there had been approaches from other Government departments about using the UK's "world-class armed forces personnel in the event of a no-deal Brexit".

BREXIT: ‘A Car Crash’ Or Birth of British Posterity

Last night, the DUP voted with the government to defeat a Labour amendment on the Offensive Weapons Bill. It’s a reminder that, although they’re set to vote against the Brexit deal, the DUP remains the government’s confidence-and-supply partner. The New Statesman has found that “even to overcome Labour’s EEA rebels, you would need 21 Conservative MPs to vote for another referendum”. And just nine Tories have declared their support for a public vote so far.

British Labour and Cooperative Party’s Steve Reed OBE MP; People Power Is The Antidote To Populism

|CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!|People feel alienated and remote from politics. A decade of austerity has ripped the heart out of communities with the loss of shared spaces like libraries, pubs, youth and community centres. People are angry because they’ve been unable to influence the changes sweeping away their sense of security, their sense of belonging, their sense of power over their own lives. They’re left instead with a profound sense of loss.