The Sun Theresa May mocked by Saturday Night Live in Brexit sketch where Matt Damon is David Cameron

Matt Damon stars as a relaxed David Cameron in SNL sketch mocking Theresa May’s Brexit struggles

|TELEGRAPH REPORTERS|AIWA! NO!|Saturday Night Live poked fun at Theresa May’s difficult week, David Cameron and Brexit in a sketch performed by series regular Kate McKinnon and guest star Matt Damon, last night. 

The skit, titled “Happy Christmas, Britain!” opens with the Prime Minister demonstrating her famous dance moves, flanked by four dancing policemen, before opening her speech with: “What a dreadful week it’s been. My Brexit deal is falling apart, I almost got voted out and no one in the world likes me at all. But it’s still Christmas so let’s try to have some cheer tonight, shall we?”


Matt Damon Plays Role of ‘the Belligerent Brett Kavanaugh’ on SNL Season Premiere Opener

CRIMSON TAZVINZWA//Matt Damon Plays the role of ‘a Belligerent Brett Kavanaugh’ on Saturday Night Live Season Premiere Opener.

Masculinity, virility and male anger issues were the primary target for ridicule in this week’s Saturday Night Live cold open, as the show unsparingly mocked Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Thursday testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.