Julian Assange’s arrest spells Trump’s criminalisation of journalists

Julian Assange arrest spells Trump Administration’s criminalisation of journalists


SEXUAL ABUSE & Harassment In The Workplace – As Men Try To Come Back After #MeToo, Journalists Weigh The Size Of Truth

|By Nausicaa Renner, CJR|AIWA! NO!|IT’S BEEN A YEAR SINCE The New York Times and The New Yorker broke news of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults against women and the attempts he made to cover up his actions. In that time, conversations about sexual harassment, especially in the entertainment and media industries, have matured. But in journalism—which has rallied behind, and propelled, the #MeToo movement—there remains uncertainty when it comes to giving ink to men as they re-enter public life. Do we need to hear both sides, if one side is willfully regressive? How much space should journalism lend the accused?