he Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100, marking a century since South African president and anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela was born, takes place Sunday, December 2, in his home country with Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Ed Sheeran headlining in the name of ending extreme poverty.

MANDELA 100: JAY-Z AND BEYONCÉ Headline Global Citizen Festival In Cape Town, South Africa

Preacher Andres Bonsu, Bono and Beyoncé Knowles on stage at the ‘46664 – Give One Minute of Your Life to AIDS’ concert at Greenpoint Stadium on November 29, 2003, in Cape Town, South Africa. Beyoncé will headline the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100.


Kofi Annan’s message of hope

bY VIRGIN BOSS RICHARD BRANSON//As I wrote, I had the privilege of spending time with Kofi in South Africa recently to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s centenary and The Elders’ Walk Together campaign. As always, I was struck by how hopeful Kofi was about the future, despite dedicating his life to helping to change some of the worst conflicts and crises in the world.