Boris Johnson’s general election poll lead over Labour narrows to six points as the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party get squeezed and lose ground

Boris Johnson’s general election poll lead over Jeremy Corbyn has narrowed to six points as support for the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party went backwards. 

A new Survation survey carried out when the election campaign formally got underway last week puts the Conservative Party on 35 per cent and Labour on 29 per cent. 

The Tories are up one per cent in that poll while Labour jumped three per cent when compared with the previous survey conducted at the end of October. 

Brexit Party supporters say they are ‘going off’ Nigel Farage over new position

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has caused divisions in the Brexit Party – with some supporters criticising Nigel Farage for wanting an extension to avoid leaving on the prime minister’s terms.

UK lawmakers reject PM’s motion for early election on Oct. 15

Everything now depends on the timetable. If the election comes on 15 October 2019, we could still have no-deal next month. We need to defer the election till November, compel Johnson to break his promise, then watch Farage tear the Tories in two.

NIGEL FARAGE: Everything the Brexit Party leaders hates about Britain

Brexit is often described by its most zealous proponents as a patriotic project. Usually evoking World War Two (we’re talking about you, Mark Francois), Brexit is depicted as a continuation of a long-standing battle to rid ourselves of foreign dictators. Nothing, they say, could be more British//By Sam Bright; Scram