Mueller agreed to testify before Congress, Trump’s FEATHERS are ruffled//CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

Trump to hold rally on day of Mueller testimony


Mueller’s Bombshells Are About Putin, Not Trump

Vladimir Putin has become the shadowy supervillain of U.S. politics: a seemingly omnipotent, five-dimensional-chess-playing mastermind subverting American society, sowing “chaos” across Europe, and subverting the entire world democratic order. Ever since Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton famously sniped about who was really Putin’s “puppet,” Putin himself has been conspicuously absent from discussions of potential collusion. Like Keyser Soze or Thanos, Putin is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.

Since the 2016 election, investigative journalists have played the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, except linking Trump to Putin, with varying degrees of futility. Trump-Michael Flynn-Sergey Kislyak-Putin? Trump-George Papadopoulos-Joseph Mifsud-Putin? Trump-Paul Manafort-Oleg Deripaska-Sergei Prikhodko-Putin? For those with an interest in the workings of Kremlin politics, one benefit of the Mueller investigation—and all of the intelligence tools at their disposal—is that it examines not only efforts emanating from the Trump side but those from the Russian side as well. In many cases—as the Mueller report suggests—those efforts did not always link up with one another, though perhaps it was not for a lack of effort.

ROBERT Mueller provides ‘blow by blow’ of Trump’s alleged conduct and ‘private threats’ as the president and America brace for the release of ‘redacted Mueller report’

The report will reveal detailed dissection at obstruction of justice by US President – Crimson Tazvinzwa, AIWA! NO!

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, set to be released Thursday morning, will be lightly redacted but still offer a thorough look at objection charges mulled over by Mueller’s team against President Donald Trump, according to The Washington Post.

The report will list a “detailed blow-by-blow of the president’s alleged conduct — analyzing tweets, private threats, and other episodes at the centre of Mueller’s inquiry,” according to the Post, which cited people familiar with the matter.