Trump and Putin discussed the Nuclear Accord, Venezuela and The Mueller Report, The President who did not talk to Mueller about Putin talks to Putin about Mueller

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have addressed a wide range of topics in a telephone conversation on May 3 — their first contact since the G20 summit in Argentina last year.

The topics included nuclear arms control, Venezuela, Ukraine, North Korea, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

Trump, speaking to reporters as he met in the Oval Office with Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini, said, “We’re talking about a nuclear agreement where we make less and they make less and maybe where we get rid of some of the tremendous firepower that we have right now.”

Trump said China during trade talks had “felt very strongly” about joining the United States and Russia in limiting nuclear arms.

TRUMP – RUSSIA Congressional Hearing: 10 Extraordinary Revelations About Donald Trump From Michael Cohen’s Testimony To Congress

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, testifies before the House Oversight and Reform Committee about various investigations relative to the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

What does the British government know about Trump and Russia?

When the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu visited London in 1978, the British government did some serious sucking up. Ceausescu was an egomaniac and possibly crazy. When he went hunting outside Bucharest, his body-guards shot game with machine guns so he could be photographed at the end of the day with a shoulder-high pile of dead animals. He was also said to be a germophobe, sterilising his hand with pure alcohol if it touched a door handle. The French president telephoned the Queen to warn her that when the Ceausescus came to the Élysée, lamps, vases, ashtrays and bathroom taps went missing from their rooms. But Ceausescu got a state visit to Britain, with a knighthood (later revoked) and a stay in Buckingham Palace.

Reports: Mueller In Closed-Door Fight With Secret Witness

NEWSMAX|AIWA! NO!|Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly involved in a closed-door fight with a witness who’s refused to testify before a grand jury investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

A confidential hearing on a secret battle first disclosed by Politico was held Friday at the federal courthouse in Washington, The New York Times reported. An entire floor of the courthouse was closed to the press to guard the identities of lawyers involved in the secret case.

But according to the Times, it appears the battle is over whether a witness can be forced to answer investigators’ questions — and it’s not President Donald Trump.