Trump Is NO Gangster; Robert De Nero

Trump On His Gangster! Blocks the Testimony of Gordon Sondland before Congress

More than 2500 Syrian refugees have settled in Scotland

Syria Conflict: More than 2500 Syrian refugees have settled in Scotland

Almost a fifth of the Syrian refugees who have come to the UK as part of a special programme have settled in Scotland, according to figures revealed by the SNP.

In 2015, the UK Government committed to taking in 20,000 Syrians driven from the war-torn country by 2020 through the Syrian vulnerable person resettlement programme.

Data obtained by the party from the Scottish Parliament’s Information Centre (SPICe) shows that since 2015, 13,818 refugees have arrived in the UK.

Turkey ready for biggest cross-border op in its history – pro-gov’t daily

Turkey has made all necessary preparations for the biggest cross-border operation in the country’s history, into Syria’s Manbij and east of the Euphrates river, pro-government daily Yeni Şafak reported on Monday.

Some 80,000 Turkish soldiers are ready for the new operation in areas controlled by the Syrian-Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), according to the news outlet.

This is double the number of troops required in the 1974 military offensive to take control of northern Cyprus, which still stands as Turkey’s biggest cross-border operation.