The Queen is looking for a new chef to live with her in Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace Is Looking For A New ‘Demi Chef de Partie’/CRIMSON TAZVINZWA


The Queen vs US President Donald Trump

Trump says US is ready to do post-Brexit trade deal//Crimson Tazvinzwa

The difference between Queen Elizabeth and Donald Trump is;

The Queen is a traditionalist, loyalist who respects honour of traditions and institutions.

While President Trump suffers from the ‘I am because I am’ kinda guy syndrome, chaotic and is just happening to be visiting chaotic politics. 

Palace complains to watchdog over Sun's 'Queen backs Brexit' claims | Media | The Guardian

BREXIT – Queen could be forced to STEP IN if Theresa May loses confidence vote

It is expected Jeremy Corbyn would try to seize power by pressing for a vote of no confidence in Mrs May. Should the Labour leader win the power struggle he would be given 14 days to form a new government under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act. However, if Mrs May refuses to resign, a scenario suggested by Tory MP Andrea Leadsom, Buckingham Palace would be drawn into the chaos.