The Brexit delusion: why a utopian project was always doomed to failure

Until the UK embarked on Brexit, no major country had ever sought to leave a trade bloc. Britain’s torturous attempt to do so is evidence of why. Two and a half years have passed since the 2016 EU referendum, and only two months remain before the UK’s scheduled departure, but parliament is resolved to be irresolute. Theresa May hoped that her withdrawal agreement would appeal to Remainers and Leavers as a tolerable compromise. Instead, it repelled both. Most Remainers disdained it because it was Brexit, Leavers because it was insufficiently “hard”. Having deployed patronage with promiscuous abandon – a knighthood for John Redwood MP, Privy Council membership for Edward Leigh MP – the Prime Minister lost with dishonour. There are now no attractive or comfortable options for the UK: it could revoke Article 50 (which would entail overturning a democratic vote), it could stage a second referendum (which would inflame divisions and further undermine parliamentary sovereignty), it could seek a Norway-style deal (which would render it a rule-taker, rather than a rule-maker, and keep free movement), it could leave with no deal (an act of economic self-harm), or it could accept May’s unwanted orphan by means of another parliamentary vote. What no longer exists is the supposed status quo. The spectre of the 2016 Leave vote will haunt any decision to remain in the EU.

Theresa May Is All We Got Left For Meaningful Brexit

|CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!|Of course Tony Blair has every right to offer his opinion on Brexit. Anybody has that right, at least at this rate.

Theresa May shouldn't be bothered about this for as long she has a handle on the BIGGER picture - Brexit on a good deal.

 Yes! The Prime Minister had a privileged upbringing and always got her own way - but again let her have her own way on BREXIT because she is the best of the Torys left as far as we are aware and based on the situation the last time we checked.

Theresa May launches furious attack on Tony Blair for ‘undermining’ her on Brexit

|Zoe Drewett, METRO|AIWA! NO!|Theresa May launched a vicious attack on former prime minister Tony Blair for calling for a People’s Vote, accusing him of ‘undermining’ her Brexit talks.

She said Mr Blair was ‘insulting’ the British people and warned a second referendum would amount to Parliament abdicating responsibility. Her furious criticism came amid reports some of her most senior allies in the Cabinet are secretly planning for exactly that – a second vote on the final terms of the deal.

Brexit is “painful” or “pointless”, says Blair

|SIENNA RODGERS, LABOURLIST|AIWA! NO!|Tony Blair has described Brexit as a choice between the “painful” and the “pointless”.

Appearing on The Andrew Marr Show today, advocating for a fresh referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, Blair said: “You either get out of the single market, in which case you’re going to do economic damage – at least in the short and medium term. That’s the painful Brexit.

“Or you don’t, and you do what Theresa May wants, which is stay tied to Europe’s rules. This is what the Chequers document says. Then you’re in a pointless Brexit.”

Tony Blair: ‘Brexit’s doomed coalition will burst’

Leading French journalist Marion Van Renterghem meets Tony Blair, one of Remain’s Don Quixotes suddenly realising their task might not be as futile as it first seemed.
AIWA! NO!//From my side of the Channel, I initially saw you Remainers as some tribe of Don Quixotes, at war with windmills, assigning yourselves a quite impossible mission: to bring your compatriots back to wisdom.

Yet as time goes by, it seems that Quixotism might turn into something more achievable. The lies behind Leave are blowing up, the nation’s mood is changing, the move for a People’s Vote is growing. And you, Remainers, have become like little mosquitos, tormenting the government, creating a constant, inescapable noise which is giving ministers sleepless nights.