Toyshop tycoon Philip Green ‘had HUNDREDS of grievance claims against him’, says peer

Topshop boss Sir Philip Green allegedly grabbed women’s breasts and thighs, slapped their bottoms and had hundreds of grievance cases against him, a peer claimed in the House of Lords today.

The allegations were revealed by Lord Hain, who last year used the cloak of parliamentary privilege to identify the Topshop boss as the person behind a legal injunction preventing the Daily Telegraph from publishing allegations of sexual harassment and racial abuse.

Sir Philip previously ‘categorically and wholly’ denied the claims.

Responding to Lord Hain’s latest claims, he said: ‘How sad somebody who already has proven they’re prepared to abuse the system wants to continue to behave in this manner.’

Lord Hain said he was revealing the account of a victim for the first time as he defended the use of parliamentary privilege.