The only way to stop the catastrophe of a no-deal Brexit? Revoke article 50 -Jonathan Lis

The time for tinkering around the edges is over – MPs should vote for revocation in the autumn, followed by a referendum//By JONATHAN LIS

The Conservative leader's reliance on a single slogan is calculated to disguise her lack of big ideas. Read more at

Boris Johnson may be the Tories’ best hope, The biggest threat to HIS leadership bid IS Boris himself

The biggest threat to Boris’s leadership bid could be Boris himself//JAMES FOSYTHThe biggest threat to Boris’s leadership bid could be Boris himself//JAMES FOSYTH

The worse things are for the Tories, the better for Boris Johnson. If the Tories were ahead in the polls, he’d have little hope of becoming leader. MPs would choose someone more clubbable, less divisive, and more interested in them personally: who didn’t annoy so many of them so much. But Tory MPs are now contemplating an existential crisis. Tory voters are defecting en masse to Nigel Farage’s Brexit party. The Conservative party’s survival may well turn on winning these voters back, and the former foreign secretary — the tribune of Leave, the buccaneering Brexiteer, the darling of the grassroots — is the most obvious person to do that. Suddenly, Boris is back and in contention for the leadership again. The question now is: can he do what it takes to win?

Brexit Party beats Tories in general election poll and would win 49 seats in Commons

The Brexit Party has overtaken the Conservatives in national polling for the first time, with Nigel Farage predicted to win 49 seats in a general election, a bombshell poll reveals.

A ComRes survey found that if a general election campaign led by Theresa May took place now, it would put the Tories on course for their worst result in history – apparently confirming the fears of Conservative MPs and activists in uproar over the Prime Minister’s handling of Brexit.

Labour would become the largest party by a margin of 137 seats, allowing Jeremy Corbyn to lead a minority government as the Tories fell to third place in terms of vote share.

Brandon Lewis, the party chairman, Penny Mordaunt, the Defence…