The Sinaloa Cartel bribed a onetime campaign associate of current Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador during his first failed bid for the seat in 2006, explosive new court documents allege.

Mexican president to help ‘El Chapo’ sisters, mother visit him in U.S.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Friday that he has instructed his government to assist the family of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman in seeking humanitarian visas to visit the convicted drug trafficker in the United States.


Trump rejects report that he hid details of Putin meetings, seized translator’s notes

President Donald Trump has rejected a Washington Post report that he has refused to share details of his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin with top U.S. government officials.

Trump, in a telephone interview late Saturday with Fox News, dismissed as “ridiculous” the Post story that alleged he went to great lengths to hide the content of his talks with Putin, even confiscating the notes of his interpreter and ordering that person to not discuss what was said.

Trump said he had “a great conversation” with Putin in Helsinki in July 2018.

When asked why not release details of the nearly two-hour conversation, Trump said: “I would, I don’t with care.

Russians nervous as Mueller’s investigation creeps ever closer to involvement with Trump: ex-DOD official

During an MSNBC panel discussion on Donald Trump’s close relationship with Russia — that also delved into the GOP going along with the president — a former Defense Department official pointed out that Russia is likely unnerved at special counsel Robert Mueller’s success at linking them to the Trump campaign.

Speaking with AM Joy host Joy Reid, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia Evelyn Farkas said the Kremlin is watching the investigation revelations with great concern.

Russia says talk of spy swap with former U.S. marine is false

MOSCOW – Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday that there were no discussions about setting up a possible spy swap involving former U.S. marine Paul Whelan, calling speculation about such a deal fake news.

Paul Whelan, a former U.S. marine who also holds British, Canadian and Irish passports, was detained by Russia’s Federal Security Service on Dec. 28 and accused of espionage. His family have said he is innocent and that he was in Moscow to attend a wedding.

Trump’s lies will be televised. Networks should fact-check them.

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Trump’s lies will be televised. Networks should fact-check them.
By Jon Allsop

Donald Trump will address the nation in prime time tonight (at 9pm ET, to be precise) about the continuing partial shutdown of the federal government, and what he calls “the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border.” The event will be his first Oval Office broadcast as president. His announcement yesterday, and accompanying formal request for air time, presented networks with a quandary: if Trump uses his address to lie, is it OK to carry it live?

The “if” in the above sentence is doing a lot of work. Trump’s record of immigration lies is damning; he made 1,130 false or misleading statements on the topic between his inauguration and December 30, 2017, according to The Washington Post’s Fact Checker. The planned address is premised on the idea that there is a national security crisis at the US-Mexico border, which, as the Post’s Greg Sargent pointed out, there is not. “The public will be better informed about the shutdown and the border,” wrote Media Matters’ Matt Gertz, “if they instead spend their evening watching Ellen’s Game of Games on NBC.” As TV producers and executives deliberated yesterday, Sargent, Gertz, and many others argued that Trump’s lies should disqualify his speech from a live airing.