Tory leadership contest: Mark Harper becomes 12th Conservative candidate – with attack on ‘failed’ rivals

Mark Harper enters UK prime minister race to replace Theresa May: Telegraph
Britain’s Mark Harper has become the 12th Conservative Party member of parliament to enter the leadership race to replace Prime Minister Theresa May, the Telegraph reported on Thursday.

Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) as-it-happened, David Lidington and Emily Thornberry clash

That was a pretty sombre PMQs, marked by the death of Lyra McKee in Northern Ireland and the Easter weekend attacks in Sri Lanka.

Emily Thornberry and David Lidington both condemned the killings, although Thornberry said the unrest in Derry made a fresh case for the Government to solve the Northern Ireland Brexit border problem.

There was some low-level back-and-forth about Brexit talks, with both sides condemning the other for not giving ground in the attempt to find a deal.

A few Conservative MPs warned about the ongoing Brexit delay – while Lidington faced a grilling from both sides of the House on climate change, acknowledging the UK had “more to do” to tackle the problem. And that’s your lot.

EU grants another Brexit delay but demands a longer extension and conditions, the new deadline could be as late as December

The European Union will grant Prime Minister Theresa May a second delay to Brexit at an emergency summit on Wednesday but the bloc’s leaders are likely to demand she accepts a longer extension with conditions.

Theresa May’s Brexit ‘plan B’ rejected by Europe

Theresa May’s Plan B was bluntly ruled out by European leaders today just hours before she stood up to announce it to MPs.

Dublin delivered a firm “No” to Downing Street’s latest bid to go back to Brussels and ask for concessions on the backstop.

And the vice-president of the European Parliament also flatly rejected two other ideas being hastily floated as ways of defusing the Brexit deal: one being to remove the backstop from the EU agreement and replace it with an Anglo-Irish treaty; the other being to rewrite the Good Friday agreement that underpins the peace process.

The triple-No to Mrs May followed a weekend of political confusion as ministers argued over how best to break the deadlock in Parliament and backbenchers plotted openly to seize the reins.