UK signs post-Brexit free trade deal with South Korea

Zero tariff agreement

The UK has signed a crucial free trading deal with South Korea – Asia’s fourth largest economy – that will be seen as a huge boost to morale in the Brexit camp.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox signed the zero-tariff deal with his South Korean counterpart Yoo Myung-hee in Seoul. It marks the first post-Brexit trade deal the UK has secured in Asia and is broadly in line with the terms of the existing Korea-EU free trade agreement.


British Prime Minister Theresa May resigns

Theresa May resignation: How the UK’s next prime minister will be chosen

London — British Prime Minister Theresa May stepped down as leader of her Conservative Party on Friday, formally triggering the race for a successor who will try, where she failed, to deliver Brexit. May will remain prime minister until a new leader is chosen, likely in late July, but will make no further moves on Britain’s departure from the European Union.

MAY wanted legacy for taking the UK out of the EU, preserving the Westminster system; national parliaments reduced to local government, human rights removed from constitutional claims

May’s close advisers described their approach as a ‘new model conservatism’, with overtones of Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army. But he led a civil war that oversaw a regicide – not just the summary firing of a chancellor of the exchequer out of the back door of Downing Street. If Brexit was an uprising against the governing ‘political elite’ and their international friends, it was also a challenge to the way policies are imposed. ‘Take back control’ has thrilling, democratic implications if it means that people themselves start to take control. Brexit was not just about unfair policies, it was also directed at who made decisions and how policy is decided. Freedom from the European Union should have delivered the country on a more democratic course, replacing the hyper-centralisation of Whitehall and winner-takes-all elected dictatorship as well. Instead, re-imposing them will crush the vitality and democracy out of Brexit.

Donald Trump UK visit itinerary: everything planned ahead of the President’s state visit – and where there’ll be protests in London

Trump Baby blimp to fly again and raise money for those affected by far-right politics//Jasmine Andersson

It seems like only yesterday the masses were taking umbrage with Donald Trump being extended an invite to visit the UK for a second time back in April.

Politicians and members of the public alike declared their fury over the Queen issuing a formal invitation to the US President to visit the UK once more – but this time with the pomp and ceremony of a state visit.

But as the concerns of April faded and we focused our attention on matters closer to home, a lot of us seemed to forget the impending visit of one of the most controversial presidents in America’s history.