BRITISH PRIME MINISTER Theresa May Government Introduces Universal Credit; What Is It ?; … And Is Not …What’s The Problem?

|CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!|Universal credit has proved controversial almost from the beginning, with reports of IT issues, massive overspends and administrative problems. It's being rolled out across the UK. But now concerns are being raised that 3.2 million working families will lose £48 a week - about £2,500 a year- compared with the old system.

Universal Credit: a ‘shoddy piece of work’

Six years behind schedule, Universal Credit is exposed by the very operatives who weaponise it against claimants as driven by an IT system so riddled with design flaws and process faults that errors and delays are all part of the process. And, worse still, this system is “cobbled together”. Really? It’s been a bad few weeks for UC…  that damning National Audit Office report and all its fallout… further frontline pressure for a roll out slow down… disability claimants owed £340m after DWP blunders… the callous culture of indifference towards claimants forced into destitution…