EU in Zimbabwe @euinzim Delegation of the European Union to Zimbabwe: “Condolences on the passing of former President of Zimbabwe, Robert #Mugabe”

EU in Zimbabwe
Sep 6
The European Union offers its condolences on the passing of former President of Zimbabwe, Robert #Mugabe.
The EU will continue to stand by #Zimbabwe and its people, to support reconciliation

“Robert Mugabe imprisoned me. Took away my citizenship … “; Zimbabwean Newspaper Publisher Trevor Ncube

Mixed reactions are pouring in from all over the world after the death of former President of Zimbabwe and leader of Zanu PF, Robert Mugabe – having ruled Zimbabwe for 39 years.

Robert Mugabe imprisoned me. Took away my citizenship. Look who is still standing. I follow my convictions. Not fear of imprisonment. Not crowds. Not intimidation. But my inner spirit//Trevor Ncube

Mugabe ‘… destroyed agriculture, economy, education, hospitals… he might be gone but his legacy will live on’; Zimbabwean Journalist Wilf Mbanga

Wilf Mbanga, a journalist who once knew Mugabe as a friend, but who suffered the President’s wrath when he set up a critical newspaper in Harare leading to 15 years in exile speaks out on former leader’s demise.

Zimbabwean journalist Violet Gonda: ‘I could not believe this was the man that had wreaked havoc on the masses’ – on the frailty of Robert Mugabe

Violet Gonda, a Zimbabwean journalist who spent years in exile speaks on what she remembered about Robert Mugabe from when she was young.