Zimbabwe corruption runs 'deep and wide': Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe corruption runs ‘deep and wide’: Mnangagwa

James Thompson, Times Live|| Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa didn’t know the extent of corruption in the country until he took … More


Zimbabwe: Is President Mnangagwa a ‘joke’? If not profligacy, madness, what is?

In February, on one Friday, just before flying to Eastern Europe that evening; Belarus, Moscow; President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa hiked the price of the already scarce commodity – FUEL by 150 per cent. Why the trip? Why now? And why chartering a dollar guzzling private jet.

Zimbabwe’s public sector suspends nationwide planned strike, fear police and military brutality, teachers to down tools

Zimbabwe’s main public sector union has backed down from plans for a national strike, citing the volatile situation after security forces cracked down on protestors this month, but teachers will go ahead with a work stoppage.

The Zimbabwe Teachers Union (ZIMTA) and Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe said in a joint statement on Thursday that their more than 55,000 members will not report for duty from next Tuesday, exposing a split between the education sector and the rest of the civil service.

“Our members will be withdrawing their services/labour and will not be reporting for duty with effect from the said date,” the unions said. A ZIMTA official said other smaller teachers’ groups would likely join the strike.