The Londoner: Donkeys make an ass out of Farage

The Londoner: Donkeys make an ass out of Farage

Nigel Farage barred from local pub after ‘walking away’ from crash with landlord//Crimson Tazvinzwa

Guerrilla anti-Brexit outfit Led by Donkeys has restarted its viral poster campaign, which shames politicians by sharing their past statements on giant billboards.

This time, Led by Donkeys has Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party firmly in the crosshairs over the party’s “failure to publish a manifesto”. The group is plastering quotations from Farage and his fellow candidates across the land. This, the group claims, can stand in for a policy platform, alongside a spoof website the group has also created.

“Until they publish a manifesto we have to assume the party’s policies are the policies, beliefs and statements made by the leaders of the party,” Led by Donkeys told The Londoner.

The group went on hiatus in April but returned yesterday with a poster in Coventry, above, featuring a quote from Farage which read: “We need to move to an insurance-based system of healthcare”.

Posters targeting MEP candidates Ann Widdecombe and James Bartholomew followed in Neath and Christchurch, as well as a second featuring Farage in Taunton.

Led by Donkeys has accused the Brexit Party leader of double standards. “For years he has been telling us the European Parliament has too much power,” a spokesperson told The Londoner, “and now he’s saying it doesn’t matter what his candidates will do when they get there and exercise that power.” The Brexit Party has said it will publish its policies after the European elections.

But the first reason Led by Donkeys relaunched was simply that watching Farage and his candidates tour the country left them “really irritated, to the extent that we had to get back in the game”.

With the European elections taking place next Thursday, another break could be on the cards. “We’ll take stock at the end of this push,” they explained. But they hesitated: “Farage is not going anywhere, is he?”

Team Boris gets on the starting blocks

The Boris machine is kicking into action but MPs are dumbstruck over who’s in charge. Is it former MP James Wharton? Lynton Crosby? One MP shrugged: “No one’s running Boris, mainly not Boris.” But a source close to Johnson told us the MP was a bit like Paris Hilton — you walk into a meeting with him expecting a ditzy blonde, and actually get a strategic operation. They implied there was method in his madness. Others think that this stratagem has Crosby’s dabs all over it.

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