‘Trumped’ or ‘Muellered’: The only person who knows, and has beaten Trump at his game a dozen times over is Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller knows Trump better than Trump himself – Says Crimson Tazvinzwa

The MSNBC reporter and camera crew were waiting outside where Mueller typically attends church, and Viqueira acknowledged that they likely surprised Mueller, whose recently released report has dominated the news cycle, as he left the building.

“Well, we understood that Robert Mueller was just across Lafayette Square here from downtown Washington at St. John’s Episcopal Church,” Viqueira said, describing the encounter to anchor Alex Witt on Sunday. “He’s been seen there before over the last several weeks attending services. He was there with Mrs Mueller at the 9:00 a.m. service. We had a camera crew waiting outside. It was, of course, Easter service. And, yes, we did surprise director Mueller upon his exiting of the church.”

Reporter: Sir, could I ask you a couple of questions? Will you testify before Congress, sir?

Mueller: I have no comment.

Reporter: Are you sure about that, sir?

Mueller: No comment.

But Viqueira wasn’t finished pressing: “If it were anybody but the president, would Mr Trump be indicted, sir? Now that you have finished — sir, why didn’t you make a recommendation to Congress one way or the other? Did the attorney general accurately characterize your positions on conspiracy and obstruction, sir?”

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Speaking with Witt after the encounter, Viqueira said, “I think we can characterize director Mueller’s attitude as tight-lipped and perhaps not interested in talking to me. It was after all Easter Sunday and he was, after all, coming out of Easter services. But nevertheless, that’s the first time we have heard from Bob Mueller in quite some time, even if his only comment was no comment.”

Witt applauded the reporter for “asking all the right questions.”

NYT: Mueller witnesses who were White House aides fear ‘Trump’s ire’.

Why does President Trump savage special counsel Mueller so much?

Well! It is because Mueller listens. It is that simple. And Mr Trump doesn’t, he shouts. He doesn’t like people who listen, either and or ‘take notes’. Because if you listen to Trump, you get to know him better; he does not like that. The president likes sycophants for they hear rather than listen and understand. With a keen eye and ear Mueller allows the ’empty vessel’ make the most psychotic and jarring noise, a testimony; ‘still waters run deep’.

Nobody likes anyone else know their shenanigans; especially when they possess a stretched and overbearing ego – nihilism, only ‘I can fix it mentality’ – of course it’s you who ought to fix it because it is you who broke it in the first place.

People such as these can only be defeated when multilaterally identified and acknowledged as ‘common enemy’ to an inclusive society.

In paradox to ‘Trumpmania’, and in opposition to Unitarianism, it means that the morally correct course of action is the one that produces benefit for the greatest number of people.

Robert Mueller Report A Road Map For Charging Donald Trump With Obstruction | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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