The SMUG President Trump Failed to Drown Remembrance Messages for The Late Senator McCain, Aritha Franklin

Donald Trump does NOT pay tribute to John McCain’s personal achievements and only offers sympathy to his family, as its claimed the president ‘will NOT be invited to the senator’s funeral’

  • President Donald Trump was reportedly not invited to John McCain’s funeral
  • It was reported in May that McCain told his inner circle that vice president Mike Pence could attend the funeral, but president Trump was not allowed 
  • Sources cited Trump and McCain’s bitter feud as the reason Trump was snubbed
  •  Trump and McCain have been in a war-of words for years, dating back to 2015
  • Trump launched public attacks on McCain repeatedly, discrediting the senator being a war hero and slamming him for voting against the Affordable Care Act
  • McCain has also bashed Trump, namely over his acceptance that Russia did not meddle in the US presidential election and Trump’s ‘disturbing’ behavior
  • The senator also wrote about his long-standing feud with Trump in his memoir 
  • McCain died at the age of 81 on Saturday after a long battle with brain cancer

    Mr Trump, who regularly clashed with Mr McCain, was not invited to his funeral
    Mr Trump, who regularly clashed with Mr McCain, was not invited to his funeral ( Ian MacNicol/Getty Images ) 

President Donald Trump has been criticised for playing golf and launching a Twitter rant about Canada during John McCain’s funeral.

Leading political figures, including three former presidents – Barack Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton – came together to pay tribute to the late senator from Arizona.

But the current US leader, who was not invited to the memorial at the Washington National Cathedral, decided to head to a Virginia golf course.

U.S.: Trump Announces a Trade Deal, Amid World Attention On Senator John McCain And Aritha Franklin, But With Whom?

Trying to recapture media limelight he craves so much President Trump announced US and Mexico have agreed to revamp Nafta, the North American Free Trade Agreement, in what he called a “really good deal” for both countries.

After three days of marathon meetings, the United States and Canada failed to reach a preliminary understanding on a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement. Their talks concluded Aug. 31, a soft deadline imposed by the United States, which wanted to wrap up NAFTA talks this week after a deal was made with Mexico on Aug. 27. Washington wants to sign a revamped trade deal before Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador takes office on Dec. 1. However, after Canada’s more than monthlong absence from NAFTA talks, three days was not enough time for Ottawa and Washington to resolve their differences.

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