Theresa May Is All We Got Left For Meaningful Brexit

|CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!|Of course Tony Blair has every right to offer his opinion on Brexit. Anybody has that right, at least at this rate.

Theresa May shouldn’t be bothered about this for as long she has a handle on the BIGGER picture – Brexit on a good deal. And on good time.

 Yes! The Prime Minister had a privileged upbringing and always got her own way – but again let her have her own way this time on BREXIT –  because she is the best of the Torys left as far as we are aware and based on the situation the last time we checked. And because our collective lives on this island depends on it.

Not so sure how much credibility she has left or she has lost; but she is solid, committed and principled to some point. And it is better.

Is the Prime Minister actually an insult to the office she holds? NO! Amidst all the political cacophony and sniping; she has demonstrated intellect., statesmanship and stamped her feet on gas when she needed to.

Full throttle!

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