Theresa May’s Brexit plans are in tatters after she is humiliated by Donald Trump


EnAnd it was all going so well (Image: REX/Shutterstock1

If she were not partly responsible for her own humiliation you could almost feel sorry for Theresa May.

The Prime Minister pulled out all the stops for the US President. She laid on a glittering banquet at Blenheim Palace complete with military bands and arranged for him to have tea with the Queen.

She then delivered a grovelling speech in which she dangled the prospect of ripping up regulations (goodbye workers’ rights, hello chlorinated chicken and US firms getting access to the NHS?) to secure a trade deal with the United States.

And Donald Trump responded by giving an incendiary and frankly insulting interview to Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper in which took a blow torch to Mrs May’s Brexit plans and sung the praises of her rival Boris Johnson.

Theresa May needs to confront, not fawn before, the President (Image: REUTERS)

Not content with scorching the Prime Minister, he fanned the flames of the far-right populism with some horrid language about immigrants threatening European culture and attacked his favourite target of Sadiq Khan for being soft on terrorism .

Responsibility for terrorism, by the way, falls to the Home Secretary not the London Mayor.

The sheer rudeness of a head of state undermining a supposed ally in this way is unlikely to be forgotten or forgiven.

Many will sympathise with the Prime Minister having to deal with a man who abuses her hospitality in such a way.

Those who objected to Barack Obama’s intervention in the EU referendum should be equally appalled by Trump’s intervention in the current Brexit debate.

But Mrs May brought much of this misery upon herself.

Why talk about shared values with the US when it is so blatantly apparent the current President shares almost none of our values?

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