Tories clash over Brexit and teens ‘paid £1,000 to stab’

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Tory leadership: Contenders clash over Brexit|

On Tuesday the six remaining candidates to become Conservative leader – and prime minister – go to a second ballot of the party’s MPs. On Sunday night five of them – with frontrunner Boris Johnson not taking part – faced each other during a debate hosted by Channel 4. As expected, the testiest exchanges were over Brexit.

International Development Secretary Rory Stewart and Home Secretary Sajid Javid warned against proroguing – formally ending the current session of – Parliament to get through a no-deal Brexit if MPs fail to back an agreement with the EU. But ex-Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said all options must remain open.

Social care funding and taxation were among the other subjects that came up. Have a look at the key moments.

Another debate – this time including Mr Johnson, as long as he gets through the next round of voting – will take place on BBC One at 20:00 BST on Tuesday. In the meantime, here are some quick profiles of the Tory contenders.

Meanwhile, Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has urged his party to make the case for the UK remaining in the EU “strongly”.

So, amid all the arguments, what’s likely to happen next with Brexit?

Teenagers ‘paid to stab other youths’

The BBC has discovered that teenagers in Liverpool are being paid up to £1,000 by gang bosses to stab other young people. So-called “elders” want to distance themselves from violence, from fear of arrest, and so are ready to give the money, the Beyond Today podcast found. This follows government data showing almost three-quarters of people caught with knives and offensive weapons in England and Wales last year were first-time offenders.

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