Trump is ‘Confused’ About Russian Meddling: ‘He’s Changed His Mind Four Times This Week’, Lindsey Graham

Appearing on Face the Nation for an interview with Margaret Brennan, Graham declared the Russians clearly interfered in the 2016 election.

“I think the president gets this confused,” Graham said. “If you suggest that Russians meddled in 2016, he goes to the idea that, well, I didn’t collude with them.”

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Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Monday criticized President Donald Trump’s remarks on alleged Russia meddling in Helsinki, Finland on Monday and warned that 

Graham addressed Trump directly: “You didn’t collude with the Russians — or at least I haven’t seen any evidence — but Mr. President: they meddled in the elections, they stole [John] Podesta’s e-mails, they hacked into the DNC.”

“Mr President: Dan Coats is right, the red lights are blinking,” he added, calling on Trump to “lead this nation to hardening the 2018 election process before it’s too late.”

Brennan noted that “it sounds like” Graham still isn’t sure “the president is fully believing what his intelligence community is telling him.”

“He’s changed his mind four times this week,” Graham said. “I’m glad that he’s willing to walk things back, and say he misspoke if it makes us stronger.”

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