US President Donald Trump: ‘If you can’t make money then lose SO MUCH you don’t pay taxes’

Figures: This graph from the Heritage Foundation shows that half the population of the U.S. pays no federal income tax at all

HALF of Americans don’t pay income tax despite crippling govt debt… 

For over 70 years someone else has paid the bill for his egotistical illusions of grandeur: his daddy, banks, taxpayers, the Russians and now the entire world is on the hook for the tab

Trump has always been a fraud. He is not a billionaire… never has been, either.

Moral of the story: “!”

He doesn’t even own the buildings and golf courses with his name on them… other investors own those properties and they just stuck the “Trump” brand name on them for advertising purposes. If you added up all of Trump’s assets and then deducted all of his debts, you’d find that he doesn’t have a penny. Trump is just a two-bit con manImage result for trump lost millions cartoon

Trump says he’s closing in on a “big trade deal” with China. Hmmm … just like he is closing in on: – a health care plan – infrastructure – North Korea – oeace in the ME – Space force (whatever that is) – lowering the budget deficit – the wall. Boy, all this winning!

AND let him.

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