Trump North Carolina rally crowd chants “send her back” while he continues attack on Ilhan Omar

US Elected officials and supporters rally behind Rep. Ilhan Omar after Trump’s attacks, PRESIDENT’S supporters chants of ‘send her back’..//CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

Trump supporters welcomed the president’s renewed attack on the Democratic congresswoman, who is Muslim and fled to the United States as a refugee from Somalia.

At a North Carolina rally, supporters yelled “send her back,” referring to Omar and cheered on his comments about the squad of progressive Democratic congresswomen.

The president’s supporters chanted “send her back,” in reference to Trump’s earlier suggestion that Omar and other Democrats “go back” to the countries they came from.

In response, many public figures and elected officials pledged their support for OmarVideo via @thedailybeast

As the chants broke out ‘send her back’; the US President momentarily paused – briefly — for- added effect to the verbal ‘attacks’ of the black American-Somali Congresswoman.

There was no room for mistakes, mishaps or misinterpretation – the whole thing was heavily scripted with the leader of the ‘free world’ sticking to it with the aid of a telempropter like glue.  And it worked.

Earlier during the day Trump said he was ‘cherishing’ and ‘enjoying’ the race war he wged against 4 black congresswomen – ‘The Squad’.

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