Papadapoulos: I Got Caught In A Perjury Trap, It Was A Setup By US, UK, Australian Intelligence


‘Mueller Report, a case of shadows: useful idiots and characters, secrets and spies – PUTIN |CRIMSON TAZVINZWA||

Theses are the two key players at the heart of Trump/Russia collusion, compromise: ‘naive’ Carter Page and lowlife ‘teaboy’ Michael Papadopoulos.

They are part of an extraordinary work of spycraft, secret sources and unlikely snitches aka Australian diplomat.

As the 2016 US presisential election was gathering steam; Republican candidate Donald J Trump’s team of foreign policy advisors got linked with Russia’s secret agents; KGB and FSB with sole intention of interfering in the election process; the ultimate goal being to have Trump enthroned as President.

What followed was a protracted Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) investigation which has since morphed into special prosecution’s wide ranging probe into Russia interference with US elections, hence ‘Mueller Russia Probe’, which apparently led to scores of individuals from within Trump circle indicted or incercerated, and others pending resolutions.I guessed it. As did the majority of American voters. And his own family. Putin figured the dumber the guy was the better for him. He was right.

Actually, talks abound about ‘impeachment’ of the president or imprisonment according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Carter Page

carter page

He did not stand out at Merryll Lynch. “He left Merryll Lynch in 2007, when he recognised he was not going to be promoted, very naive; what was written about him in Moscow and how he behaved himself; very naive.

“Nothing close to being and informal advisor to Kremlin;

“He was a very, very medium guy in Moscow, with no exceptional relationships.

With Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian electoral interference finally complete—even though the public is still waiting to learn what it says—many Republicans are declaring it’s time to pivot back to investigating the investigators. Sen. Lindsay Graham, an erstwhile Trump critic who has reinvented himself as one of the president’s fiercest defenders, has announced his intent to lead the charge, with particular focus on whether the FBI abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to wiretap former Trump advisor Carter Page. Trump himself has vowed to release a more complete version of the FISA applications targeting Page (already public in heavily redacted form), along with related documents.


George Papadopoulos and his wife Simona Mangiante arrive for his sentencing Friday. AFP/Getty Images

‘Papa’ story goes all the way to London; the hotchy potchy pad of Russian oligarcs, got drunk silly and spilled the dried beans.

Trump says of him: “Few people knew the young, low level volunteer named George, who has already proven to be a liar,” Trump posted on Twitter shortly after 8am local time, adding: “Check the DEMS!”

George Papadopoulos, the author of “Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump,”  said investigators should examine the $10,000 cash payment he claims to have received in summer 2017 from a man he alleges was a spy.

MARIA BARTIROMO: “This is so extraordinary you can’t write this, so LinkedIn, they reach you on LinkedIn, they give you a job working for the center for law practices, then you say you are going to quit you want to work for Trump, they say no wait, meet Mifsud in Rome, they send you on a paid trip to Rome, you meet this guy Mifsud who we find out is also tied to intel agencies across the world, Mueller talked to him, talked about him in the report as you a Russian spy, but in fact he is very connected to Italy, then others reach out from other countries: Australia, Britain, U.S. agents, all reaching out to you in the Summer of 2016. And then somebody gives you money on one of your trips, explain that, this is now, fast forward to 2017 when someone dropped $10,000 in cash in your lap, what happened?

PAPADOPOULOS: “I actually want Congress, Barr, Horowitz, and Huber to review the bills because I still have the bills and I think they are marked,” Papadopoulos said. “These bills that are still in Athens right now must be examined by the investigators because I think they are marked and they’re going to go all the way back to DOJ, under the previous FBI under Comey, and even the Mueller team.”

Papadapoulos: I Got Caught In A Perjury Trap, It Was A Setup By US, UK, Australian Intelligence

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