Uganda gets two first planes in revival bid and a ‘jail’ for the popular opposition legislator and musician, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine

Ugandan MP Bobi Wine arrested for failing to keep safety rules

The delivery of two Bombardier CRJ900 jets is the first move in relaunching the national carrier that collapsed in 2001

Crimson Tazvinzwa, AIWA! NO!||For Ugandans, both metropolis and rural; actually East Africans in general – uh, EVERYONE, there was never a ‘funeral’ for the old Uganda Airlines.

People murmur.

The infamous and financially notorious airline, whose name was actually nicked by some speculators (people are saying) simply fizzled out of the theorem.

Rumours abound; at one time panicky ministers registered the sorry carrier under a different name to skip creditors – the government spokesman spilt the dry beans today. Finally!

But hey! It is a good thing that there is now a brand new fleet for the realigned AIRWAYS – numbers sure to appreciate. And it is all positive.

Alles gut!

Oh! Wait!

Almost missed it. Next Uganda elections are penned for 2021, and there is this young and popular opposing number whom they are haranguing from one cell to the next for being a nasty political itch:

‘Police in Uganda arrested the popular opposition legislator and musician, Robert Kyagulanyi, more commonly known as Bobi Wine Tuesday//23 April 2019.’

Uganda's Bobi Wine arrested
Uganda’s Bobi Wine arrested

The executive committee of Uganda’s ruling party has endorsed President Yoweri Museveni as its candidate in the next presidential election due in 2021, potentially extending the 74-year-old’s tenure to 40 years.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) called for Museveni to “continue leading the movement and the state in 2021 and beyond to eliminate bottlenecks to transformation.”
The resolution was adopted at a retreat for top party officials chaired by Museveni – FRANCE24

There you go. Just as I thought.

The new aeroplanes are both good business and political manna – will surely fly Yoweri kAGUTA Museveni back into office for the 6th time come 2021.

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