UK Black Friday: a megre 1 in 20 discount deals are genuine, research finds



Only one in 20 Black Friday deals is genuine, according to consumer champion Which?.

After surveying 83 products from last year’s Black Friday sales, the company concluded that most of the items were available at a cheaper or comparable price at other times of the year. While it’s a questionable practice, Which? stressed it’s not in breach of any sales laws. Retailers cited in the study include John Lewis, Currys and Amazon. Should retailers be more transparent about their Black Friday discounts?

The retailers have a duty to be more transparent in their promotional pricing…is this offer truly a ‘Black Friday exclusive’ or is it available more weeks than not. But also it is the job of consumers to have done their research. Nothing is handed to us on a plate so why would we not expect retailers to try and maximise the hysteria surrounding the event and bolster pretty lacklustre bricks-n-mortar sales? This time of year can be a win-win situation for both retailer and consumer, just don’t expect it to be easy!

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